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Life Insurance Secrets You Need To Know

Life insurance is simple to apply for, but there are a lot of secrets most agents don’t know or don’t want to explain.

Starting off, when applying for life insurance, how do you know whether term insurance or permanent life insurance makes the most sense for you?

You could use the Genetic Crystal Ball Method to help you decide.

What about medical exam preparation?

Did you know that exercising five days prior to your exam increases your liver enzymes?

This can increase your rate significantly.

Were you aware that you can payoff your life insurance policy as early as 7 years, and be covered for life? Check out the blog section to read more about Life Insurance Secrets.

Beyond Life Insurance Basics

We all know the types of life insurance: term life, permanent life, and whole life. What about the special ways you can use each one? You can have more than one term life, and be strategic and efficient. Term life can be converted into permanent life insurance without an exam. You can get life insurance without an exam, and you can setup your life insurance to pay out to a trust instead of multiple people. Check out Beyond Life Insurance Basics to get an idea of the possibilities.

Which Medicare Plan Is Best For You?

You’ve seen the commercials, you might have heard about Medicare Advantage or Part C plans, but the one thing the commercials don’t tell you is which plan would fit your needs.

You have many options depending on your income and your needs.

You could get what’s called a Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug (MAPD) plan which is usually an HMO (some counties in California have PPO options) that covers a lot as long you stay in network and has low monthly costs.

You could get what’s called a Medicare Supplement with a Prescription Drug Plan (PDP) and have access to any doctor in the United States that accepts Original Medicare at a monthly cost from $100-$400 a month.

You also have the option to not get either of the above options and stay on Original Medicare by itself. If I were to advise you on doing anything, staying with just Original Medicare is by far the poorest option out of the three.

Original Medicare has expensive deductibles that need to be met, no additional benefits like dental, vision, hearing, or over-the-counter benefits, and it has no ceiling on the cost you will pay, we call that the Maximum Out Of Pocket (MOOP).

Most MAPDs have a MOOP, but Original Medicare doesn’t, so if you end up going to the doctor or hospital every other day of the year, you’ll be hit with bills after bills with no cap on how high the cost will go.

Life Insurance For Californians

California Life Coverage offers you and your family peace of mind. 

Insurance agents at firms like AAA or Farmers work for their companies, not you. They could sell you insurance with jacked up prices and you wouldn’t even know. Some people end up wasting hundreds of dollars every year because of them!

But we don’t do that at California Life Insurance. Instead of dealing with giant corporations, we partner with sixty-five small firms to get you the best price on life insurance — you could save hundreds on your insurance premiums because of us! 

Instead of worrying if your insurance is filled with loopholes, our brokers will pick you insurance you can set and forget. And it’s incredibly simple to get started. Fill out the quote form — it takes less than five minutes  — and our brokers will do the rest! 

What We Offer

We have special plans that “do-it-all” firms like AAA don’t offer. This means you get the plan that fits exactly your needs. You save money! 

We offer:

  1. Fully Underwritten Term Life
  2. Simplified Issue Term Life
  3. Guaranteed Universal Life
  4. Traditional Cash Value Whole Life
  5. Index Universal Life.
  6. Burial Whole Life Insurance

Wow, lots of product names, what do they all mean? What do they each cover? Why should I get one over the other?

Is what you’re probably asking yourself.

No worries, I’m working on writing an article covering each one, feel free to read them when they come out or reach out to me if you want a veteran’s point of view on your situation.

For now, take a look at our blog or go ahead and get started with a quote.